My MOOCMOOC reflections.

After reading this post by @martinlugton and this other by @RosemarySewart, both MOOCMOOC participants, I thought that, at least, I owe a post to the MOOCMOOC people of the course I took during this moth. I was, in some kind, obligated to explain my thoughts. Why? Because I as mentioned in my previous post I follow almost completely the course, each day, each activity, from the shadows, behind this parapet internet provides us, but I share nothing. And also because I continue engaged, because I continue following #moocmooc at twitter.

I just followed the course and I am following #moocmooc but without any participation. I thought I could not keep course pace. It was my first MOOC, and in english, scary for a non english speaker.
But the experience was very nice for me, after this week I decided to do some other MOOC’s, xMOOC’s and cMOOC’s, and now I am enrrolled in some courses, a part for my MA, for the next academic year. And I was encouraged, specially, because the moocmooc and because the connectivism that has occurred, and that I listened for the first time the second day of the course.

Also I am reading a lot of information sent by other participants to the twitter and I am learning a lot. It is a kind of debt to say, hello I am/ I was here, thank you very much to all MOOCMOOC participants.


4 thoughts on “My MOOCMOOC reflections.

  1. That’s great! You shouldn’t worry about being a non-native-English speaker, although knowing how difficult it is to learn a new language I completely understand how it could be a bit daunting. Happy to hear that you’ve been keeping up with other MOOCMOOC stuff since it ended. Which other courses are you doing?

  2. I’m a native English speaker, and I found the pace of the course quite a shock, so I can understand your response!

    It’s great to hear that you’ve been encouraged by the experience. The #moocmooc #tag is still in use, so the interactions are continuing. There are fewer messages than during the course, so it’s easier to keep track.

    Good luck with your courses! Will you be blogging about them here and sharing your thoughts on #moocmooc?

    • Thank you very much for you comment Martin. I will keep in touch with #moocmooc and I will continue with the MOOC’s and posting.

      Yes, of course, also I will post with #moocmooc if I don’t forgot it.


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