POT cert presentation – Week 1

I would like to say hello to my peers in the Program for Online Teaching Certificate. The first SMOOC I am taking. I am sure this will be a nice and exciting experience. I will just introduce you a part of me and my life.

I am Xavier and I am blogging from Barcelona, a very beautiful city situated in the north-east of Spain. I am living with my wife and my two little daughters about 20 kms. from the center, just in the mountain. They are 6 and 4-year-old, and it is really a very nice experience see how they learn about the world around them. Normally I speak catalan daily with my family and university colleges but also I speak spanish.

Clean air Barcelona Neta ;-)

Clear air Barcelona Neta
http://www.flickr.com/photos/paco_calvino/430564338/lightbox/ (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

I started blogging almost one year ago and this course will permit me by blogging in english and also blogging about education. Normally I will post in English (I will do my best) for the course, but you could find also some other posts in Spanish. Please fell free to take a walk in my blog and to comment.

I am a graduate in philosophy but my work nowadays has nothing to be with it or with education. This is why I am preparing myself with this and other courses. This academic year, as I explained in my previous post, I will take a MA in the Teachers School of the Universitat de Barcelona to be a Philosophy Teacher in the secondary School.

Normally I like very much reading philosophy, specially ancient greek philosophy ( I like very much Plato, Socrates and Aristotle), and contemporary continental tradition, hermeneutic-phenomenologic (Husserl, Heidegger and Gadamer), but this is only with paper books. I do not use the web to read about philosophy, to be honest I don´t know exactly why, I will explore it. Now I am reading a lot about education, learning, e-learning and MOOC’s, specially on the web. I am excited to received and start reading the course book, although I think I will receive it with some delay because I booked it last week.

I like very much internet and social media and technologies and also I am enthusiastic with philosophy online teaching and also a discipline called digital humanities. This is why I decide to do this course. I saw that some of you had participate in the Social media and open education course and other courses, so most of you have a lot of experience in education and also in education online courses. I am sure I will follow you and, at the end, I hope I could collaborate with some online courses. The way I read on the internet is by following hashtag that are of my interest. I am using Diigo to bookmark and save by tags all the pages of my interest. Actually I read about higher education, here some of the articles, about digital humanities (DH), here some articles and some information about DH MA. I am interested in the DH Pedagogy. To end this short resume about my reading interest, I like very much to read articles about MOOC’s, just to try to understand what is happening with this new education alternative, because I think that the MOOC’s has a lot of interest to develop to the learners during a long period after the university, here you can find some articles about what a MOOC is.

I hope we can participate all together in the blogs with comments but also in twitter with the tag #potcert and in the Facebook group.

See you online.


16 thoughts on “POT cert presentation – Week 1

  1. Hi Xavier – I really like your post. It tells me a little more about you without giving everything away, so there will be plenty more to find out during the coming year 🙂

    I have visited Barcelona once and would love to return for a second visit. It is a wonderful city and I am particularly intrigued by the work of Gaudi – especially the Cathedral.

    I am also very interested that you have studied philosophy – a subject that I know nothing about, but always feel that I should know something about. Having said that, I do know a little about the work that some educators do on ‘philosophy for young children’, but I don’t expect that this is related to your work.

    Looking forward to working alongside you in POTCert – although I will be offline in China for the whole of October. I’m hoping that I will be able to catch up when I get back.


  2. Hi Jenny,

    Thank you very much for your comment. It is nice that you had visited Barcelona and you like it. Really the Gaudi work is incredible.

    Regarding philosophy for young children, even it is not the focus of my main interest, I read a lot about it because we have a good philosophy 3/18 department, childs 3 to 18, in Girona, and I read a lot during a semester. Also I try to involve my children with books 3/18. It is a part of the practical philosophical called socratica and Oscar Brenifier is working a lot about it and it is very interesting for the teaching, specially his book philosophizing as Socrates, for secundary school teachers, that I recomend you.

    See you online.

  3. Hola Xavier,

    It looks like you will bring an interesting perspective to this class, and your English writing is much better than many native speakers. I have only been to your lovel city twice for meetings, and there is such a magical feel for just wandering the twisty old street ways, immersed in the senses of smell, taste and a span of history from Roman to today. And there is nothing like the energy of La Rambla.

    • Thank you for your comments Alan. It is difficult, and sometimes maddening, to try to express myself (I will not say it again) in english. Philosophy for me is the life, and I am always thinking in philosophy daily, it helps me and I hope will help my probable future students. Also I hope I could share something with all of you.
      The old street down town near to La Rambla is amazing. My university is close to it and I can feel the ambient every day.

      See you online.

  4. Wow. What a cool picture! I have dreamed of traveling to Spain ever since my rather disasterous college Spanish classes and a year spent doing service work in Peru. I am thrilled that we will have your cultural and professional perspective in the mix this year.

    • Thank you for you comment Jim. Yes, it is a very nice picture, but it is even more nicer in live.
      You can make your dream reality and visit us. You will be welcome.

      I will do my best to learn and, in somehow, show you my point of view.

      See you online.

  5. Nice to have you join us Xavier. I am back for a second year and enjoyed the experience very much last fall. I will be I’m Barcelona for a long awaited trip in late September so any suggestions that you can pass along will be helpful: places to see and eat…:)

    I applaud your efforts to blog in English, my biggest challenge is keeping my posts coming on a regular basis, but over the years of my efforts probably beginning in 2006, I can feel my writing improving…my voice and comfort with writing.

    So welcome again,


    • Thank you for your comment Bonnie. It is nice to hear that you come back again to the course, this is because the course is very good, I am really very optimist with what I saw.
      How many days are you comming? How many people? I will try to prepare a small suggestion. Please send me an email or a PM to @xavcap at twitter and I will answer.

      Thank you. I want to improve my english and to blog is also a good way and the course is a good oportunity. I am sure that here you will have the opportunity to get better bloggin.

      See you online.

  6. Hello Xavier – Welcome to potcert12 🙂 I have only been to Barcelona once (for a conference!). I didn’t have time to see much of the city but I do remember a wonderful seafood banquet down by the sea on a golden evening!
    I too have always been interested in the Philosphy for Children programme – as an ex-History teacher in a secondary school in the UK, I was always keen to engender some critical thinking skills in my students and I always felt that children benefited by being encouraged in philosphical thinking. I spent about ten minutes on Sunday evening debating the chicken-and-egg question with my 7 year old grandson (inspired by a book he was reading) and it was so cool to see him trying to come to grips with the ‘bigger’ question 🙂
    Good luck with your blogging – I am looking forward to reading more!

    • Thank you so much for your comment and your welcome, Clare. Barcelona is a very conference center and it is visited for many million people but, unfortunatly, not all have the opportunity to take a tour. You are right, sea part of the city is fantastic.
      Critical thinking skills are the basis of the practical philosophy, it is not necesary to be a philosopher, all of you are doing, in my point of view, some philosophy with your students, and it is very nice.

      See you online.

  7. Hi Xavier –

    Your photo of Barcelona is absolutely beautiful! I haven’t traveled much outside of the United States, but it looks like I need to add Barcelona to my list of “must see” cities.

    I am new to the whole idea of blogging and not very familiar with all the various technology that is out there, so I hope to learn a lot from individuals like you who are experienced in digital technology. Looking forward to going through the links you’ve provided in your post!


    • Thank you for you comment Melissa. Yes, it is a great a nice city. I was in LA and San Francisco, I liked very much, two weeks driving by my own and visiting small town without a tour or a guide. I liked very much america and the americans. I would like to go, it is my dream, for a long stay there sometime. Who knows, maybe to teach Spanish.

      Even I am not an expert a encourage you to blog, it is very nice to share with the POT peers about learning.

      See you online.

  8. Hi Xavier,
    You are right, there are some experienced participants here and you’ll find this to be a rich community in which to learn on many different levels. Many of those who will be seeking a POT certificate have yet to post and will not be as experienced in online teaching or online communities of learners, which is why they’ve signed up for this course. I look forward to your posts and your diverse perspective.
    (On a side note: my household is like Spain when it comes to soccer; divided between “Hala Madrid” and “Força Barça”)

  9. Thank you for you comment Pilar. I value the experience of fellow but sometimes are too experienced, I hope I will follow normally.
    When it comes futbol (soccer) I only think in Barça and “força barça” 😉

    See you online.


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