Opennes in Educaton – Motivation – Week 1

Yesterday morning I received the kick off mail for the course Open Education, facilitate by George Siemens and Rory McGreal. You can find the course schedule here, it will go from the Open Definition to the Open Teaching. Because I very motivated to learn about MOOC’s, specially learning about teaching, I decided to do one full course sMOOC (which is an Open Class), Program for Online Teaching Certificate, facilitate by Lisa M. Lane, PotCert, really very interesting, and also I want to do a complete open course. This is why I enrolled to the Opennes in Education. #Potcert12 duration is a complete course in two semesters and #oped12 is about twelve weeks. So I will combine this two courses during this first trimester.

To be honest I am asking myself if I will have time enough to follow the courses because it takes time to read, see the videos, discuss, because it is not easy if you wanted to do it seriously and I really want to take profit.

I decided to go seriously and to take part in both. I prepared a daily schedule with a things to do list and I fixed a number of hours to dedicate to the courses. This is what I’ve done the last two weeks and it works very well.

So, here I am today writing the first mail to share with you my motivation to do these courses.


2 thoughts on “Opennes in Educaton – Motivation – Week 1

  1. I´m attending the two courses as well and I know what you are saying. It´s really a lot of videos, texts and discussions to process… But it´s in the same time fun and interesting! Good luck!

    • Thank you very much. Same good luck for you. Yes, you are right, I take my free time watching vídeos, reading and writting. At the end learning a lot and having fun.
      I have just bookedmark your post, before to see your comment.


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