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Opennes in Educaton – Motivation – Week 1

Yesterday morning I received the kick off mail for the course Open Education, facilitate by George Siemens and Rory McGreal. You can find the course schedule here, it will go from the Open Definition to the Open Teaching. Because I very motivated to learn about MOOC’s, specially learning about teaching, I decided to do one full … Sigue leyendo

POT cert presentation – Week 1

I would like to say hello to my peers in the Program for Online Teaching Certificate. The first SMOOC I am taking. I am sure this will be a nice and exciting experience. I will just introduce you a part of me and my life. I am Xavier and I am blogging from Barcelona, a … Sigue leyendo

My MOOCMOOC reflections.

After reading this post by @martinlugton and this other by @RosemarySewart, both MOOCMOOC participants, I thought that, at least, I owe a post to the MOOCMOOC people of the course I took during this moth. I was, in some kind, obligated to explain my thoughts. Why? Because I as mentioned in my previous post I follow almost completely the … Sigue leyendo